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I can't believe this thread made it to 5 pages, with no flame war, and mostly helpful responses.
I've got white and off-white ones from Banana Republic, which are both great trousers. Don't know if they still sell them though.
C&J Edgware is a similar style, and quite a bit cheaper than Lobb (use your imagination on the colour): A more chiseled last tho.
Zippy -- does look like a non-boot version of those, but with the handgrade-type leather soles rather than dainite. Interesting to see "348" in pen on yours.
Certainly similar to the 348, but assumed they weren't since I've only ever seen the 348 on "benchgrade" shoes. Didn't do a side-by-side with my Tetbury's etc. Sort of nice that people haven't encountered these before. A little extra exclusivity... Lee, nothing too exciting other than that they are not the usual catalogue item. But good looking shoes IMO.
Good question. It's not indicated inside the shoe (at least not in a way I can interpret). IIRC the Weymouth is on the 337, and my Weymouths are not the same shape as these. These seem pointier. I don't have that much information about them, frankly, which is why I posted.
The photo: Apologies for the camera phone quality.
Have any of you encountered these previously? I just bought them at the sale. Nice shoes but not something I'd ever seen before. Wondering if they are a C&J Paris shoe, a new one (I assume not since they are on sale), or just run-of-the mill that doesn't get seen very often. They are handgrades. Will post a pic when I get a chance.
Quote: Originally Posted by UserNameToronto Interesting stuff - thanks guys. Can't wait to get over there. - Are TM Lewin suits full canvas or half canvas? They're GBP550, versus the US$500 I'm planning to spend on each Benjamin suit (and the Benjamins are fully canvassed). Can't help but think the Banjamin is a better deal - advice? - Is the mid-light grey suit pictured (link: ) too light if I...
People here do not generally dress that well, but it's suit 5 days a week and black shoes for sure. Anything else will be something for people to chuckle about. I'd go to Lewins as soon as you get here, and get charcoal grey (as dark as you can find), navy pinstripe, and charcoal pinstripe suits, and a pair of captoe Oxford shoes. Lewins is not the end-all be-all of clothes -- as you'll find if you search around these forums -- BUT it is relatively cheap (especially...
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