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They're both Sutors, right? I have the monks on the left -- bottom for some reason in the quote below -- and do not like them as much as I thought I would. A lot of that is down to the greenish brown colour, which I may fiddle with eventually. However the overall shape does not seem to work. Bought from STP basically sight unseen. However I have another pair of Sutors with the same sole and probably the same last, somewhat similar to the shoe on the right/top, which I...
That Augusta's a fine looking shoe -- must be the best looking Allen Edmonds I've seen.
E&R MTM navy pinstripe suit; Sean O'Flynn shirt; Charvet tie; C&J Tetbury boots
Either of these may do the trick, and are not completely out of whack price-wise: - in the "Chocolate" colour, obviously. A desert boot or suede chukka would be preferable though. edit -- didn't realise this was such a necropost. O well so be it.
Light green suede Barker McQueens, from the "Creative" line: Admittedly the styling tends to the fashion forward in parts, but I like em.
Second the recommendation of the City Cobbler on City Road. City Slickers, a dry cleaner near Leadenhall Market, also does a bang-up resole job with either leather (generic or Rendenbach) or Dainite. The latter they usually have on hand, but sometimes have to order. Very fast turnaround as well.
The selection of enamel cufflinks at New & Lingwood is extraordinarily good. I want to buy the whole window display. Some good examples on the website: The ties there are kind of meh.
A brace of O'Flynns:
Sticking a first toe in the water on this thread. Casual Saturday night outfit. E&R RTW jacket; E&R MTM flannel trousers (part of a suit); ultra-budget Muji gingham check shirt; C&J shoes; tieless :-o
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