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If you poke around in WAYWT, there's a regular poster who uses SuitSupply with what look like good results. I can't remember offhand who it is though. edit: it's 0b5cur1ty Quote: Originally Posted by oasisman82 Anyone used the so called "personal tailoring service" from SuitSupply?
Are Loewe still making men's shoes? If so, any opinions? I seem to remember seeing some a couple of years ago, and liked the styling.
Given the style you are after (slim lapels, etc.), and budget, Suit Supply MTM would probably be the best choice. What you are looking for seems to be their house cut. From what i have seen, the construction is a little flimsy compared to some, but I think acceptable for the price. I'd think the others would be more traditional, and probably more expensive to boot. Heard good things about Cad & Dandy. Quote: Originally Posted by oasisman82 I could...
Interesting -- I'm a big fan of Charvet wovens, but don't like the prints. Not a big print guy generally though. Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Marinella is really great if you go to one of their shops and have a huge choice of silks. If this is not what you are doing, Drakes and H&B are equally good, if not identical to Marinella. I like Charvet prints, not wovens.
Bonobos present themselves as the solution to this. Don't know the results. I'd be interested in anyone's recent experiences with them, since they look like a good alternative to the usual Gap/Banana Republic fare.
The options are basically all charcoal/darkish grey. Wish one of them was an exact match for one of my suits, but so it goes! Thanks for the input so far.
I'd appreciate your thoughts on wearing suit trousers as odd trousers (with a sportcoat etc.). Bad idea? Is there anything tell-tale in suit trousers that would look strange? A local shop is selling MTM suit trousers that were cut too short for the order at around 10% of the retail price for an extra set of suit trousers. Luckily a couple of these fit me. They are mostly normal wool twill, no pinstripes or the like. A couple with side adjusters rather than belt...
Don't know, as I don't know Hilditch well enough. It's a slightly more spread version of the default version he wanted to give me. Frankly, after seeing the results I think he may have known better but I don't have any regrets. Quote: Originally Posted by comrade The collar shape looks similar to the standard H & K collar. Am I correct?
I would have called it that. It's the same welt as the monk. A Harris calls it reverse, and I don't know enough to quibble. It would be interesting to find out. Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I believe this welt is a norgevese welt, not a reverse welt. Am I wrong?
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