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Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ How did Lupin score those? Hes supposed to be a poor wearwolf! Also, anyone dig the clothes of the minister of magic in the new Deathly Hollows movie? (both scrimgeour and the fake one, great suits!) Less drape than the usual wizard-wear...
Quote: Originally Posted by Slewfoot Ha! I noticed the same thing watching the movie recently. Tough to make out the maker, but definitely a top brand. Chestnut color too. I had thought they were Fosters. The pause button told the true story. A retarded post, to be sure, but where else would one share tidbits like this?
Noticed today that Prof Lupin wears New & Lingwood captoes, as shown when he is packing up to leave Hogwarts. Good taste. Yeah, I realize that this close parsing of the DVD is very nerdy in more than one way.
It's maybe $3 a shirt. A more than fair trade for 15 minutes of time and sweat per shirt. TM Lewin may be drone-wear (and what is a banking analyst exactly?), but I don't think you can argue it's overpriced. I'd advise moving on to MTM once he's got his bearings though, for the sake of fit. Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan Seriously, 15 minutes is too much? Even when you're consistently working 100-hour weeks, you can spend 15 minutes...
What Bugatti said. There are dry cleaners in NYC (and London, etc.) for a reason. In NYC, we had one in the lobby. Toss them a pile of dirty shirts, and pick up the last pile fresh and ready to go. Brooks Brothers is a good option. In London, TM Lewin is a good start.
Tetburys with the Dainite sole, or something else with a rubber sole. If it's really bad, I'll wear hiking boots in to work and change there. ... inadvertent necropost! Apropos of the weather though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I have a feeling that some people posting in this thread don't quite understand what the word 'sartorial' means... It's on member MensFashionJournal's blog, and he has some strong opinions about dressing. I am not one to judge.
From here: Yeesh.
Jasper Littman POW check gray suit (w/ slight lining sag!); Sean O'Flynn shirt; Charvet tie; C&J Hallam shoes; Tateossian MOP links; IWC watch
It's an easy DLR ride to Bank. Cad & the Dandy and SuitSupply, and a few others (Roderick Charles, the new Gieves store, H&H, Couch & Hoskin, Ede & Ravenscroft, about 40 TM Lewins), are all in a 5 minute radius. Oops, misunderstood your point. I'd still stick to the DLR out in the Docklands -- it's newer and tends to function better. Quote: Originally Posted by oasisman82 It's not too bad, one wouldn't be wearing a jacket and it's only one stop, I...
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