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But for the bowler hat, which is a bit costumey to be fair, this doesn't look at all un-conservative.BTW digging the Duchamp cufflinks.
In my experience, merino wool tends to stay "fresher" longer than tech fabrics. Agree that it's best to stay away from cotton. Quote: Originally Posted by razl Im in a similar situation - I sweat profusely (yuck) and am in warm, tropical central Florida. You want underwear made out of "sports tech" material, not cotton. Underarmor makes armorjocks that at about $20 a pop, aren't cheap. Also, they're sizing is by 2", so if you're an...
This may be a controversial pick, but I'd say one of the thinner Icebreaker offerings.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 Even stranger since I meant the opposite. I recommend to size down 1/2 for Tetburys I must have freakish feet. Perhaps the extended upper latches on to my ankle in a way that makes the bigger size fit better. I would expect that, if this were the explanation, there would be fit problems below (slipping heel etc.) which there aren't.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac In London I'd go for Sean O'Flynn. If you have the money, go Charvet. This, exactly.
Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 FWIW, I think Tetbury fits 0.5 size big. If I understand correctly, that's also my experience. I have a whole slew of C&J shoes, all of which fit in size 8. Except my two pairs of Tetburys, which are 8.5. Strange, since they are on the same last as some of my other shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum Ede's MTM sale is usually in November. Thought they ran to the end of the year though. If not, not!
I have 5 or 6 E&R MTM suits and really like them. Very solid all the way around, and not too pricey. They are my everyday suits. I have too much of a drop shoulder to completely accommodate with their MTM, which is frustrating. The suits were all bought during the MTM sales. This *may* be happening at the moment, unless I'm confusing the MTM and RTW sale dates. According to their client email circular, there is some sort of super sale (50% off sale items) through the...
Good on them. Odd about the skin-toned underwear though. What's that about? Note that it's aimed only at retail folks. There will no doubt still be plenty of slobbery elsewhere. edit: Someone helpfully translated the whole shebang into English and posted it:
Those Barker Blacks rock, from the commando soles all the way up. [quote=SuitMyself;3902173]I never knew that. Thanks! Commando soles:
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