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On a slightly different topic, since the brown shoes seem to be (sort of) bicycle toed as well as square, has anyone ever seen a good looking pair of bicycle toed - i.e. stitches running all of the way to the front - shoe?It seems like the people who wear square toed monstrosities seem to like to liven it up with bicycle toes from time to time.Anyone have a pic of a stylish bike toe?
Went to the STP today, clicked on "Shoes" and this was the very first item for sale: I've gotten some great stuff there over the years. But I have to say that their offerings really do include some utter garbage. Shop wisely.
That's very helpful. Much appreciated.
The details look basically the same as my Borrelli ties, down to the packaging, the tag and the shade of pink on the doohickey holding the fold together. Might help if you showed the inside tag. I suspect this is just a different type of material than your usual silk tie.
If you have any concerns, you can just stain them darker. A few hits of dark brown cream wax should tame the tan, maybe a hit of black if there's still a worry.
Baccarat Parme double Old Fashioneds. Got one for a Christmas present, rounded it out with another from Amazon:
Another bump. Nothing? It would be good if there were somewhere so convenient to get proper clothing. If I throw caution to the wind and get something made I'll let everyone know.
As sort of a bump, does anyone have any opinions about this maker? They just moved into our building in SF. Generally seems like good stuff. Looking at their website, it looks like they provide real bespoke, insofar as they make a pattern from scratch. But they also say there are no multiple fittings -- which is not what I would expect. I didn't see the MTM on their site, but I didn't really look. I'd be interested to know if its a good suit - $900 for full canvas is...
Article from yesterday's LA Times. Interesting to see an increase in sales in the midst of a recession. A flight to quality?
I commonly wear black C& Tetburys with a suit. This may be along the lines of what the OP is talking about.
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