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No takers, huh? I think it may be a relatively new service, since it doesn't show up on the website.
Quick follow up -- got the shirts. Great quality, great fit, and Sean is a pleasure to work with. Another recommendation for a solid shirtmaker, if anyone needs it.
Has anyone used this service, which is positioned between their MTM and full bespoke? I am guessing that it is somewhat akin to Kilgour "Entry Level" -- basically bespoke, but send abroad for construction? Any impressions would be welcome!
Nicole would get it tho. Quote: Originally Posted by Full Canvas Mr. Hamilton should find a new tailor. Those trousers are much too long unless that is a poor attempt to cover his hideous Kenneth Cole slip-on shoes. ___
JM Weston Aston double wingtip oxford in black. Yum, comme ca: If I may purloin from others here (thanks superbikepics), the black version of this: I really can't think of a much more beautiful shoe.
I saw these the other day on a trip to Royal Arcade. Pretty well the perfect black-tie shoes in my opinion - a little flashy in a good way. I thought it was real lizard tho? Good on you for picking these up! [quote=Haemus;2119019]G.J. Cleverley RTW faux lizzard U throat:
Quote: Originally Posted by seabass45 Okay shoes are out. Hehe. I got size 13s, makes it hard to find nice dress shoes that fit properly, was trying to take shoe shopping off the list. What would you suggest for shoes? I'm not a troll, just a formal dress idiot. As I said, I dress for formal occasions maybe once a year, not accustomed to it. I'm assuming a fairly low budget, since you don't wear dress shoes often. This would be perfect: ...
Despite the debate on black suits for groomsmen I touched off a while ago, I don't think a black suit is necessarily a problem for a fairly informal groom. I'd be OK with the black tie as well. Maybe not the greatest choice, but not a disaster. The shoes are a disaster, though. Are you serious? You should not be even thinking about wearing them to your wedding. Makes me wonder if this is all a keenly contrived troll, but I try to think the best about people.
Quote: Originally Posted by mt_spiffy First of all, I consider it to be an honor to be in a friend's wedding party. It is their big day, and one should wear whatever they request. All of the weddings I have been a part of, or witnessed, the groomsmen rented suits or tuxes together, all identical. Each groomsman was expected to pay for his own rental. It's the least you can do, your friend considers you important enough to ask for your...
Quote: Originally Posted by youngscientist The TM lewin suits are pretty good value for money IMO I actually have the DJ and it looks as good as more expensive ones, I believe they have an additional 10% + a free tie if you spend over £25 offer at the moment (I can forward the voucher to you if you PM your email address) so if you do end up buying a black suit you at least will have a decent one, for whatever that is worth. If I had to get a black suit...
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