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Quote: Originally Posted by Dib Thanks Thornhill Anyone else have any experience of a shirt from O'Flynn vs the likes of Charvet/Ascot Chang? Yes. SOF and Charvet (demi-mesure) fit similarly on me after some tweaking. As previously mentioned, SOF's construction is utilitarian in comparison (some loose threads and imperfectly straight stitching) but very good. Half the price though. SOF is great to work with, but very recently seems...
Heartily second the Pantherella from Sierra Trading Post recommendation. Almost all of my socks for business wear are from there. Stick to the wool ones.
Helpful. Thanks! Western wear? I never noticed that.
Nothing huh? I tried Google, and found some discussion to the effect that besom pockets could be seen as a throwback to 80s style (specifically, an Italian fashion-forward detail). Anything in that?
I am thinking of having a suit made with just besom pockets (and probably keep them sewn), apart from the breast pocket of course. I think I may like the look better, and like to think it adds just a little more slimness. Normally, I get flap pockets, and want to tuck the flap. But then the pocket sags a bit and with the flap tucked it shows. Any input on the pros and cons of besom pockets only? Does anyone do this, or am I nuts?
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar His website is a shocker... Foster's? Kind of says all that needs to be said, though, doesn't it!
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Um, yeah good luck fitting that 5 bladed monstrosity under your nose. I'd get some cheap disposable bics or a double bladed Gillette Sensor Excel if they still make em. +1 on the twin bladed Sensor Excel. Best razor ever made in my opinion. Tough to find these days though.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar ...Wingtips with suits.. What did you do just there?
Yay Anne Hathaway!
Perhaps leather shoes would avoid the problem:
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