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Just short of 16 years in service. These are "per Raspini", the Florence department store which was blowing these out for bottom lira: Don't quite know what to do when the sole finally goes out. It's a work of art. I expect getting them to Lattanzi for a new sole will not be particularly cheap, nor a quick turnaround. Slapping on a JR sole would be a little heartbreaking.
That one's pretty shocking.
Those Barker Blacks grrrr....
Agree with BoredMan generally. Second that about the band. Mine lasted a couple of years, and then I got a replacement from Sirtoli (alligator). Not as expensive as the original, but still not cheap. I have it with the white-ish face, gold numbers and hands, which I think is a more elegant choice than black, etc. It's nice that it's not a Rolex, or something else that is very well-known.
Polyester slacks - 65% Dacron/35% Rayon - were all the rage in days of yore:
I have a pair of Borrelli trousers that are about a quarter "Polyammide," the rest cotton, and good for casual wear. They do feel a bit like quick-dry hiking pants (a la Ex Officio), but it's not so bad. Also, a couple of my Italian shirts from decent makers (forget if they're Borrelli or Barba or something) are a percentage polyester or similar man-made. Doesn't detract from the feel very much. Presumably there to avoid wrinkles. FWIW I used to have some stretchy...
Lacoste or Avon Celli polos, depending on how likely they are to get wrecked/spilled on.
The ones that looked really tempting were around 600. To be fair, there are a couple of ankle boots on there for 500-something which look great. I should say they fit true to size. I'm generally a 8 UK, *sometimes* 9 1/2 US depending on the maker (all of my 9 1/2s are bought in the US), and I bought size 9 US. It's snug, but I think will stretch out a little where it counts. It's nice that STF has this fairly popular size.
Bought 2 pair recently, both Norvegese, both from STF. Excellent stuff. Hard to avoid the temptation of buying more, though the $600+ price tag does provide a natural limit. At $400, there would be gluttony.
Thanks. I'm literally right upstairs from you in SF and thinking of giving it a try for a summer suit. Do you have holland and sherry cloth available?
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