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Their cufflinks are great, if you stick to the Sterling Silver w/ enamel models. The rhodium plated base metal ones are not really worth it. I really like the ties, but they can be loud. They vary in delicacy from very easily damaged to fairly robust. The latter have gotten a lot of wear, and are good value on sale. I'm with Man of Lint - bought one pink jacquard Duchamp shirt which I'd like to wear but it's hard to find the right time. It's basically club wear and...
Swag! Thanks, Rob.
Reev - STP sends out coupons via email which are commonly in the 40% to 70% off range. Best results with STP are gained by waiting for a particularly juicy coupon to come through, and doing your shopping then. Edit: Using today's email coupon these are $35.20.
It was several hundred coupons ago I'm afraid, but STP is always sending out new ones. I'm on the iphone at the moment so hard to link, but they're still on the STP site for about $50 with no coupon if you search Kenneth Cole.Edit: Here you go -
Point taken cptjeff. I guess boat shoes proper tend to have laces etc. - I just lumped them all together. The soles may also deviate from the Sperry ideal, but are white and generally in the ballpark. They're comfy enough shoes, for $20 or so.
Every time I see a Country Club Prep ad here, the little fox logo makes me think Dege & Skinner has gone Internet:
In the meantime, did a search on here: Not ideal service for a "luxury" brand. Everyone bigs up B Nelson here, so may have to give that a try.
I have a couple of pairs of older Ferragamos which might wear a hole soon. Out of interest, has anyone looked into taking them to a Ferragamo store? I'd be interested to know how much recrafting/resoling would be there, and how long it would take.
Olukai leather sandals (or Reef). Similar to this: Or boat shoes. Currently slip-on ones by Reaction by Kenneth Cole, from STP. I know I know, don't hate - they were cheap with the super-secret coupon and look pretty much like other boat shoes:
The new-ish GC website appears to show that they are dropping the Semi-Bespoke line, and consolidating RTW into the CJ-made benchmade shoes and the Anthony Cleverley line. It looks like my pair of Semi-Bespokes have been migrated to the AC line as the "Philip," but still marked on the site as "semi-bespoke." Wondering if the AC line is still a cut above the former Semi-Bespoke, or if there was some other merger of the lines. Anyone with further information?
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