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Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII You are wrong about my perspective on factories. It is not the factory itself or even the underlying objectives, philosophies, etc., that inform factories that bothers me. Rather it is the attitude of the vast majority or people who live in a society which is so dominated by the hype of advertising (an inevitable and even necessary adjunct to mass-manufacturing) and the prospects of faster, cheaper, less...
Quote: Originally Posted by nanotech lol....so basically you're saying it's pure profit. Makes sense, that's what I thought. But I just feel that there must be some other costs, it can't be that huge. No. Learn to read. What I am saying is that their startup and continuing costs are more, so they are passed on to you. And given how Europeans can't compete on cost, they choose to compete in quality, because no one is going to pay $$$$ for...
Let's put it this way - the owners of fancy European shirtings companies drive nice European cars and live in luxury houses while paying European wages to European workers and European taxes, while the owners of not-so-fancy Asian shirtings companies drive nice Asian cars and live in houses in Asia while paying wages to Asian workers and Asian taxes. It's really simple, when you think about it. How much does a head of lettuce cost in France? How much does it cost in China?
Quote: Originally Posted by REguy Been lusting after the new brown shell Finsbury and got to try them on today at C&J's NYC store. They were perfect. Unfortunately, the 341 last would just not work which was a bit strange since I can wear all EG and Alden lasts. Curse the English and their freakishly high insteps. There are felt pads you can put under the tongue/vamp to solve that problem quickly and easily.
So... did the colour last?
Willing to pay $275, less if slightly used. Cheers!
Quote: Originally Posted by cksnipe Price drop to $699 for Tom Ford Suit!!! That is a sick price for a great suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman B-But I thought our society has done everything it can to end racism and then there can't possibly be any less racism in the US!! Only in Manton's (lily white, Republican) world.
LOL, thanks for that - the GF is going to be disappointed, she 'adores' how it fits me. Any recommendations for a soft and thick, slightly tapered dark wash denim for a complete denim n00b? )
Hi all, I usually live in MC, and this is my 1st post here in SW&D - so, uh, go easy guys. Some background: A long long time ago I came across a (IIRC) NYT piece about Nudie jeans. Despite not knowing anything about jeans and not owning any I went ape-shit crazy for them - selvedge denim was just hitting the mainstream consciousness, and 'wearing your jeans in' and getting a 'custom finish' were the coolest things since sliced bread. As they didn't even have a...
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