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Not sure if I've seen this discussed here. Can you judge the fit of a pair of shoes that you have worn awhile by the creases in the leather?
Created a new thread to discuss furniture leather here:
Since it seems there isn't an equivalent forum to furniture like SF is to clothes, I thought I would post this here. Partially inspired by this thread: which was one of the first hits to come up on Google when I searched for "forum furniture leather couch". It just occurred to me I may not have ever made a post about some leather tips you need to know...
Bump. Nobody? Not a good sign.
Anyone ever use them?
I'm renting a new place, and have given-up owning dressers. Last place had a closet built-in, which I would like to do in my new place. Anyone have any recommendations or words of advice?
Burgundy for the win. Sources for belts:
Superglue will also work for this. Superglue bonds skin VERY well, and leather is just treated animal skin. CAUTION - be very careful using your fingers to apply pressure to keep the cut closed for the 30 seconds or so required for the glue to bound the leather closed. If any of the superglue is excess and extrudes from the cut onto your hands, you can bind your skin to the leather.
Thank you.
I need a recommendation for a couple of pairs of decent shorts for weightlifting/working-out, preferably from an online vendor. I would prefer something with pockets. Any recs?
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