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Perfect weather here in Phoenix after the rain earlier in the week knocked out all the pollution. 70 degree high, nice t-shirt and shorts weather if exercising and comfortable in jeans and light sweater.
have you seen the the crash test videos?
RL starting designer sale pre-sale today. From what i understanding ALL purple label will be 40% and most black label too. In store.
Just went to the M83 show yesterday. Amazing. So much energy and a sold out small venue really made this show stick out.
If you're buying six items, they are taking your two most expensive items and making those the items you pay for. It also seems to be in store. Going to go load up on some belt and socks.
As you said, inflation will take a bite out of your investments.If you are in a true buy and hold strategy, a 40 year investment will return close to 10% annually. Even in a down year like 2008/2009, if you had bought 40 years prior, you would still earn over 10% annually on your investments. (see *)*
And check out the huge RL store while you are on Michigan. RLBL and RLPL are decent deals when they're on sale.
Quote: Originally Posted by LJubel328 PM me if you ever have 30-32s in any of these ^+1
Quote: Originally Posted by McCurry It is like that for every International Brand clothing store in Beijing Actually there were probably only 10 people total at the Wangfujin Uniqlo location. I was, however, annoyed when they were saying welcome every 30 seconds.
I am in Beijing for the next 5 days and was wondering if any people had some time to meet for drinks. Its my second time here so I do not need to do most of the tourist things (although I did forget to see Mao's body last time so I might have that on my bucket list). Any other ideas for a solo traveller (I have family in town but plan to do a day or two of solo/drinking adventures)?
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