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Quote: Originally Posted by Asch Iron Heart 634S, size 30 - crappy flash photos, but the colors are fairly accurate Wow, those look amazing! EDIT: Anyone know what stores sell iron heart in nyc?
Quote: Originally Posted by splattered Are nudies bad about bleeding onto furniture? I don't really have anything light colored that i can think of... i'm more worried about wearing light colored shirts/shoes with them :P Mine have never bled ..unless I spill something on them, but i would never sit on anything light colored just incase.
What are some good brands to look into for a winter jean? I live in upstate new york so they're gonna see a good amount of salt at the bottoms. Thanks!
Wolves are awesome.
Quote: I am in Love. Also, in-terms of my girls, I like them classy, but I also think less is more.
BR is the worst in terms of t-shirts/graphic t's. One wash and the bottoms blow out. I dont buy any of their super dressy stuff but since their other stuff sucks I'll avoid it. Express actually has the best graphic t's. Not in terms of design, but function/quality that I've seen for mall brands. They add something so their t-shirts don't blow out like others, sadly I can't find a higher quality alternative that fits my style.
Just got my Citizens of Humanity - Blue Collar Perfect Selvage Jean in Pearl yesterday, and I love them! Super fast shipping too! The only thing is, the pics on the site make them look waay darker than they really are, which can be deceiving. I didn't like them at first, but when i put them on I fell in love. Just a heads up, and you guys rock! (as usual)
whats the july 4th code? cant find it in the thread...
Is there anyone that I can PM for info on some measurements, or should I just email the store? Calling is such a hassel during the workday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mazda You are drunk awfully early. I am jealous. I almost spilled my water all over my keyboard after readin that!
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