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Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you you appear to less pleased with life ???
You aren't violating the copyright as the phrase "Weber" is only a key word , im guessing its one of the more commonly used search phrases at your website. I would just ignore their email. Secondly it looks like you site is blog-ish so you sort of have protection from legal action. Finally if your not making a profit of their name go ahead and use it , they cannot do anything to you. -edit- they registered the letter "q" i should register the rest of the alphabet and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol um. it's kinda big? ny is bigger and ive seen so many people form either here or sufu
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason the model with the headband gets a cupcake holy shit ur tiny
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Barneys.... why are you asking in this thread? cause tryin to get a answer in the questions thread is like jumping of the Empire state building and living to talk about it .
hopefully someone knows where i can get Thom browne sweatpants??
anyone know where i can get the irving pant in nyc besides odin cause they were sold out
hong kong jack tailor type that into google ...i really his work
anyone know where i can find linen or cotton/linen pants in a navy color ??
what is the price point on the NdG pieces ??
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