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Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you tigerFormula: i like it. all of it. the pants looks cool. i like that b/d
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol i think if someone takes a dig at me it's ok to take a dig back? what's the harm? it's all jokes. i've had my face photoshopped into gay sex pics and not bitched this much ps. seriously, who the fuck are you You and the guy arguing need to both STFU. kent_money was bad but you arent any better ,you always seem to pick e-fights with almost every member in the thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by boots polos are best worn alone (summer wear), or with a light, simple jacket. hi kentmoney ?? didnt you get a perm banstick?
^ My friend has the black ones and they look like shit cause the paint chips really fast ....and you look start looking like struggling artist more then a baller Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Those are nice with the slim sole but it reminds me more of AF1's than GATs. GAT AF1 offspring ??lol im hoping MMM will have a olive-ish/brown mid top GAT for f/w
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Yup, the laces on the mids and highs are thicker so it looks better laced that way. those are amazing GAT's ala APC
Quote: Originally Posted by skander Assume this means it has to be through their website or their store location in Soho? i think its store only , cause you bring in your jeans in and you get 50 % your next jean purchase.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Looks nice, however, I am not feeling the canvas and would have been great with a gum sole. Still, if it becomes available in the US, will probably cop. I think they should just release something liek this w/o the subtle 3 stripes though. Thanks for the heads up. adidas made a white samba a few months back
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese ^ yes, I don't remember what kind of discount you get though, or what their requirements are for trade-ins. Call and ask, I guess. I got the answer to the question it 50% off
Quote: Originally Posted by ben39 US only call up the store with your order and tell them to ship to you ?
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow Is the entire store on sales at NDG? i think the guy said the stuff on the bottom floor
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