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Anyone know where once can get Car Shoe driving mocs in NYC?
Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix the shoes are quite out of place there. i beg to differ
Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo Yea, I realised that after doing some searching. Thanks. Guess its a false alarm after all. Didn't know APC made stuff in china though. They discreetly try to hide the fact by saying Made in Macau lol
Quote: Originally Posted by captmomo Are there fake APCs? Just received a pair of black APCs new standard from a member on the forums. Tag says its made in china and it has a five button fly? The size tag seems to be off too. The pockets are squared too, not chamfered at the outer edge. Care tag is also of different material from the made in macau ones and located on the pocket. I paid for a size 32 APC Navy blue chinos, could this be the reason for...
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing You may have mistaken me for SoCal2NYC. It's a common error. Whatever happened to him? Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor What? Those Diors look fine. +1 Quote: Originally Posted by MortyGras I'm looking forward to grey hair. I hope my dick still works when i get there. theres always viagra
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol well, it's definitely your BIGGEST issue! I bet you gets more action then your homosexual looking ass
Quote: Originally Posted by mellowfellow sup kelvin. cps is my go to summer shoes. what glasses are those ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger hanes rag & bone german army are the shorts blue or olive-ish??
nyone know a site or a place in NYC where i can find julius leather jackets??
Quote: Originally Posted by ben39 Does this look like fake A.P.C.? - How can I tell? The seller seems okay but I noticed a few negative comments regarding authenticity. idk but ive never had any of my apc stuff come with price tags attached anyone have a fit picture of black NS or NC??
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