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Quote: Originally Posted by newbiejeans Just wondering: Why is it that when I look at APC jeans online, the sites never show them being worn by models/mannequines? There are always pictures of other jeans being worn, but usually not APC. Anyone know why? I noticed that too , most of the pics of the models wearing the raw jeans is in the book thing they give you
Will New Standards slim down in the leg after a hot soak ? there a little bit to loose for my liking
Quote: Originally Posted by captainmo Most people won't recognize APCs as designer. Kids our age tend to think diesel/rock and republic/7 for all mankind are the pinnacle to denim fashion. Thats very true , im a bio major and but i tend to wear nicer stuff (usually a button down ) for some reason the professors like you better , i guess because your more professional looking. As for the OP its a good idea to buy jeans over 100 , but I...
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