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Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude someone should grab these ... BNWT Selvedge Officer Chinos in 34 no affiliation ... these are the ones from last season. they are amazing and i had a pair in 28 but were still too big so sold on here. the new season's officer chinos seem to run a bit slimmer and are def softer though went to polo mansion yesterday and they sent ALL of their sales to Soho store. cabbed to soho store and they had a bunch of...
if i wear 45 in CP what size am i in MMM and Raf's? also 45?
Quote: Originally Posted by Synthese hahahahhahaaaaa hahahaahahaaaaaa who makes that foam jacket you have ?
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you Raf Simons - Special Aids Edition did you ms paint that shit??
white low top slip on MMM gats yay or nay ??
Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren You, my friend, are a fucking RICH douchelord. ..
If I wear a 45 in Cp do I also wear a 45 in MMM?
Anyone know the price range of Goyard wallets ?
Quote: Originally Posted by ohyoumad Do the regular cuts/styles ever go on sale? Or are they always 165 at pretty much every retailer? $175 now
Quote: Originally Posted by GraphicNovelty he's not breaking any rules...just stayin'... I think he's BOS though.
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