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to bad you can't afford a real porsche
what jeans are those?
Quote: Originally Posted by Gatsbee Love the shirt mellowfellow, what is it? Uniqlo is a safe bet
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Hook it up, dude. She down with white doctors? Whats your speciality just out of curiosity?
you can do what Synethese did and bleach your jeans end result is pretty nice
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini Nudie, CdG, Margiela, etc. have all been counterfeited before. Of course there's money in faking niche brands. those are niche brands?
Quote: Originally Posted by Scud7171 forgot to qoute. (sorry for the double post) all saints if u bothered looking you would find that post.
Is it worth paying 280 for grey MMM painted gats? or are they just to ugly
Quote: Originally Posted by jet God why do people buy mids. Also ns hem isn't 9" lol unless those are like 34s or some shit and even then no. MMM painted mids are probably the nicest shoes released by margiela this season
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform The only thing I can see that would set RRL back would be cost of retail locations - those are some expensive locations I imagine. Retail locations are probably the single most expensive investment for any clothing brand. I remember reading that here in NY all flagship stores(along 5th Ave.) do not make enough to cover the rental costs , except for A&F. The thing that costs RRL the most money...
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