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price drop
i have 160 CAD in inventory stockroom store credit for sale. as of time of posting (20110412:1400) this is worth ~167.2416 USD. this credit is 100% transferrable as i discussed with the shop. i'd like to get 140 USD via paypal or MO.
measurements on the engineer jacket
what year/season is this from?
Quote: Originally Posted by triton god i wish i lived in ny! if there's anyone still there willing to do hook ups give me a shout same here, someone get me a medium blue bedford, please!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Peter1 There were a half-dozen blue bedfords in M when I was there an hour ago. do you remember the price?
pm sent
what is the fabric content on the andover?
all items listed on ebay, including a pair of natural linen fatigue shorts in size large.
more price drops andover sold can't edit my post... each jacket at 200 usd shipped, classic shirt is 85 usd shipped.
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