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... or the pediatrician's waiting area
definitely available for purchase the best part is the $6325 "upgrade" of having the designer hit it for you
at least 8 g's each
Maybe Foo should opt for the do-hit based on his recent encounters:
Really? That's your conclusion from what I posted? The point is that you can't expect much in the way of 5-star customer service when you buy from these types of shops in megalopolises where tons of cash are blown on a daily basis. It's why I prefer to go to the smaller retailers outside of the city where I can get the same (or nearly the same) quality products from people who actually give a shit about their customers.I just got a desk delivered last week (from a major...
What do they do now? JIT tooling?
Tbh, I think this is largely a product of the culture you live in. In all the times I've been in Manhattan, I can count on one hand the instances when customer service was anything above mediocre. I notice it here as well when comparing service in Boston compared to service just outside of Boston. Same goes for my time in and around LA. World of difference on average.The employees get inundated with brand-obsessed customers who throw money around to get things done, and...
I've personally never found any utility in a lounge chair specifically designed for one person (be it Eames or any other). Might be good for a bachelor pad. For us married folk, if you're lounging for very long by yourself when you have free time, there's a problem (in my opinion).
I don't see how the concepts are similar at all.
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