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Selling a fantastic pair of RR Boots. These are probably $800+ new. Developing a very nice patina. Worn 10-20 times. Whiskey Shell Cordovan 3 eyelet chukka Made in Italy by Martegani for Ron Rider Sestrierie soles Rapid welt 8.5D - runs true to size for a boot $375 firm. Shipping will be $15 extra unless you want special packing or if you're outside CONUS.
I'm not sure, but it may be. Here's a closer shot from the seller - I don't have the chairs yet
Just scored these vintage Ole Wanscher chairs on the bay for a really great price - all original cushions and fabric - much happier now that I can easily verify authenticity (had maker's mark and other tell-tale signs of the real deal)
Disagree wholeheartedly. The boss making the other guy the "go to guy" is a MAJOR red flag. Do not wait a "few months."At this point, you need to take matters into your own hands and act fast and bold before your list of accomplishments are tossed away like yesterday's news.Start networking, HARD. Get out and spend at LEAST 1-2 hours a day socializing with people senior to you (other than your boss). Find other departments that need your skills, develop rapport with those...
thinking of having this guy commission a media center... what do you think? It'd be a variation of his walnut media ctr
colonial chair gets copied as well: colonial chair for sale
Thanks. I just got refunded my purchase. Did some research and found that the chair is unlikely to be wanscher after all - When I showed him this he immediately offered to cancel the deal.
Good idea. I think I may go with something like this: or this:
How will the off white linen and pale blue wool (or tweed as SH suggested) do against stains and considerable wear? I'm just a bit leery of any fabric that can't be treated with a water-based cleanser. Is this fabric below similar to an off-white linen? because it looks great: and here's how it might look in a grey: and pale blue:
Okay, I found this chair for a decent price on ebay: it's a Ole Wanscher design, true vintage piece from Denmark. I have no idea what type of wood it is, but I'm thinking beech, maybe teak? I think it's the same chair seen here: FD109 design I want to reupholster it. Found a guy who will do the labor and foam for $60/cushion and I will supply the fabric. So, I'm thinking of this ultrasuede from Knoll: What do you think? I have a baby and dogs, so want something that...
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