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Shots fired at teh capitol building, presumably to lock them all inside and force a deal
Who are you kidding?The average GS employee makes a fairly comfortable wage not to mention the ridiculous banker's hours and pension benefits. There's a reason it takes an average of 2 years of applying to land a federal job.
I don't see how the Repubs are really going to come out worse on this in the end-game (meaning 2014 and 2016 elections). If you look at the public opinion below, the Repubs are just following their constituents and the consistent opposition against Obamacare, albeit in a very oblique fashion... look closely at the spike in the past few months - coincides nicely with the stance they are taking to the grave today
Thanks. That site led to me a link with awesome historical photos of danish mcm lounge chairs (I believe these are mostly Selig): http://www.fagasstraps.com/photos.htm and a legit Kofod Larsen design:
Thanks I think the only ones I've come across so far is Selig and Komfort.
i buy, you fly?
SG what are the tell-tale signs of fake vs auth when looking at these Danish mcm chairs? They seem fairly difficult to fake due to the curvature throughout..
Thanks, good idea on the new cushions/fabrics. There's a bunch of chairs on ebay, just hard to judge what's truly authentic
I wish that was the case for American leather. The local carriers in Mass. seem to be charging msrp - example is 8k for the leather Tristan sofa w/ chaise
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