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I wish that was the case for American leather. The local carriers in Mass. seem to be charging msrp - example is 8k for the leather Tristan sofa w/ chaise
Yeah I'm probably going to sacrifice a bit for stain resistance (kids and dogs)
Does anyone know a good, reasonably priced (less than $1k) source for a danish mcm chair? Particularly interested in the Kofod Larsen or Folke Ohlsson designs, kind of like the ones below:
Stumbled across this today as I was scoping out a few different American Leather pieces: http://www.curriersleather.com/manufacturers_rank.php Agree/disagree? Obv they have bumped where needed to highlight the lines they carry in their store... I personally disagree with the low ranking attributed to Mitchell Gold. Reason #1 is their warranty. See here: http://www.mgbwhome.com/warranty_info.aspx They warranty their sofa cushions for the entire life of the sofa,...
Got tired of searching for an existing thread of this type..
Scorpions aren't the worst thing (unless you have an infant). I had them in my house in TX and a guy came out and compressed dust into the walls for about $150 and they were all dead within a week or so. If you want it done right, hire someone who does it for a living. I battled them for almost a year before giving in.
yeah renovate, get the dust mites out, then flip em on craig's list
... or the pediatrician's waiting area
definitely available for purchase the best part is the $6325 "upgrade" of having the designer hit it for you
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