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ugh, I did some research and it looks like the cost to reupholster just one chair is about $450 even when I buy the foam, fabric, and straps
i lold
it looks like they photoshopped his head onto a small man's body you can envision the little t-rex arms that would be popping out from below the cape
Wouldn't be surprised to learn it was a politician who fired the shots. Back in the day stranger things have happened on the hill.
Shots fired at teh capitol building, presumably to lock them all inside and force a deal
Who are you kidding?The average GS employee makes a fairly comfortable wage not to mention the ridiculous banker's hours and pension benefits. There's a reason it takes an average of 2 years of applying to land a federal job.
I don't see how the Repubs are really going to come out worse on this in the end-game (meaning 2014 and 2016 elections). If you look at the public opinion below, the Repubs are just following their constituents and the consistent opposition against Obamacare, albeit in a very oblique fashion... look closely at the spike in the past few months - coincides nicely with the stance they are taking to the grave today
Thanks. That site led to me a link with awesome historical photos of danish mcm lounge chairs (I believe these are mostly Selig): http://www.fagasstraps.com/photos.htm and a legit Kofod Larsen design:
Thanks I think the only ones I've come across so far is Selig and Komfort.
i buy, you fly?
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