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No it's been quite some time since I last contacted him, at least a year
memorable resurrection of the thread
I got it from Smart Furniture online. The piece is from a vendor based in Canada, although it is made overseas. I got the discount by calling Smart Furniture directly and negotiating on a price I wanted.
Was Foo's suit successful? The one that alleged negligent handling of stone surfaces which proximately caused emotional distress.. I heard the jury came back with a hefty compensatory figure, but that the defendant is countersuing because Foo let his Dictator candle burn too long, which caused a rather large drop of wax to fall on the floor, which led to a 24-hr scrubbathon, resulting in a smooth but hard to see 3-inch area the white glove guy took a rather nasty fall on,...
I went with this one:Not perfect for my standards, but got a sizable discount and it does the job.
Yeah doesn't work so well for large pots and pans
Any suggestions for a dish drying rack that would compliment the look and feel of this kitchen?
The vertical pieces are too wide - it's making the whole unit look clunky
Includes conus shipping SZ 16 Barrel cuff Standard fit, 35" sleeve MSRP $450
So no legs in its future? I personally think it would look better w/ legs, but still looks very nice By the way, those IR repeaters are great, until you try them on DVRs - they get buggy as hell. Mine worked fine for like 2 days and then the DVR refused to recognize the relayed signal. Go figure.
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