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What do you mean by scuff, is that just roughing up the veneer?
Can only imagine what something like that go for on the open market then. So here's a question: if I have a large maple credenza with a maple veneer top, and I want to change the color to white, is it necessary to strip and sand it before I paint it? Or perhaps paint isn't the right way to go? The unit is basically brand new and I scooped it up since it was a floor model (made by Skovby of denmark). Catalog pic here, this is the exact color I have:
Very nice, how many hours did you put into that?
Nice, SG, looks like you're using walnut for the credenza?
You may want to give Skovby a try. They specialize in dining sets and have been making their stuff in Denmark for quite some time. Skovby example: I recently purchased a dining table and chairs. Table was made by Copeland Furniture, and chairs by Saloom. table: chairs (mine have white legs):
^not bad at all, very nice shells - what was the damage on those, dubs?
I don't need to sit on the board to see something that is blindingly obvious.Over the next 2-5 years you will gradually witness an increase in lines that are outsourced overseas. By 2018 I'd wager the company as a whole will be doing roughly 30-50% of their total manufacturing through outsourced facilities.There's no need trying to explain. Just wait and see. We'll find out soon enough who is right and who is wrong.By the way, how long was RL made in the US and Italy...
The firm that bought out AE is planning on outsourcing labor, not just offshoring it. Realistically, what did you expect? If you think about it, there's no other reason why the PE firm would be interested in the company.
Yes there's a TV there. I do like the two chairs + one sofa idea. Right now the problem is that the other room the 2nd sofa would go in is more of a playroom (carpeted, baby toys, etc). The added benefit of leaving the sofa where it is in the short term is that when family is over for Thanksgiving and Christmas, we can all comfortably share one space without having to drag in extra chairs.
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