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Thanks, yes this is pain in the thoracic area
Here's the room with the sofas added:
Anyone had this done? If so, how long a time period was it effective for? And if you got it done a 2nd or 3rd time, was it less effective after each treatment?
sadly no fireplace - the original builders put a gas fireplace in the opposite side of the house where there isn't room for much else besides dining perhaps.in this room there's going to be a TV yes, and that's why I'm shopping around for a vintage credenza, or I may commission a special build from the guy I linked to earlier.not pictured yet are two sofas that arrive tomorrow, which may make it too tight for either of the danish chairs - in which case I may move a sofa to...
Thinking of buying this vintage piece and making some changes, such as the handles and the base. What I'd like to do is remove the existing base and replace it with 4 or 5 natural steel (powder coated) legs. Would this be a major undertaking, or fairly simple to do, assuming I only have standard tools (power drill, etc)?
Starting to put my new living space together... still have a couple sofas to add and this chair may or may not stay in the room. Its mate isn't shown here.
oh come on, if having 10 tons of lumber in your room isn't honest living, then I don't know what is.
and a mix of honest + non-honest living...
So I'm assuming that if I'm placing solid walnut pieces in the room, it would be just fine to do different species of walnut.
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