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swapping the grey rug in the living room for this:
What do you mean by scuff, is that just roughing up the veneer?
Can only imagine what something like that go for on the open market then. So here's a question: if I have a large maple credenza with a maple veneer top, and I want to change the color to white, is it necessary to strip and sand it before I paint it? Or perhaps paint isn't the right way to go? The unit is basically brand new and I scooped it up since it was a floor model (made by Skovby of denmark). Catalog pic here, this is the exact color I have:
Very nice, how many hours did you put into that?
Nice, SG, looks like you're using walnut for the credenza?
^ Exactly - this is part of how they "offset" the cost in premiums that are going up - I'm also faced with higher deductible and co-paysNo.
meaningless but still fun to look at (in a sad and hateful way)
Our so-called democracy in action... by the way, the ins plan I had last year is now no longer an option for next year, and I'm going to shell out an extra $75/month in premiums because I'm forced to use a plan that has coverage I don't even need.
You may want to give Skovby a try. They specialize in dining sets and have been making their stuff in Denmark for quite some time. Skovby example: I recently purchased a dining table and chairs. Table was made by Copeland Furniture, and chairs by Saloom. table: chairs (mine have white legs):
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