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How easy is it to remove the pull tabs on those punch cap reverse shammys?
I think common because it is actually just an oiled nubuck (whether smooth or reverse). So the imperfections on the hide can be easily hidden.
Grant is a toughie for me because my feet swell throughout the day. I went a 1/2 size up on my day trippers and even with thin socks I can feel some pinching on my small toes at the end of a work day ... if I had to go again I'd stick with TTS on the Grant
@strangejeremy Here is an example of a great Jumper boot the only thing I would change is to lose the pull tabs, switch to commando sole, and try this on either a trubalance or Grant last But the oiled nubuck color is awesome and truly rugged
Leffot already made this the only diff would be the last
Yes a punch cap:
I will bite.Reverse Tobacco Chamois jumper boots, no pull tabs on the back of the heel, commando soles with antique 360 welt. Brass eyelets but I am Indifferent to speedhooks vs all eyelets.trubalance or grant last, either would be cool imoAlso, if there was a slightly lighter shade of reverse chamois other than tobacco, that would also be awesome... something like snuff in tone would rock
I've used a Titleist 983 since I first got out of college... still love it, and can't imagine trading it for a newer club
Used to have a couple pairs in #8 but it never grew on me so I sold em off to a new home
Psa if you didn't already know, Epaulet had quite a few makeups on sale including black shell alt wiens... many sizes... I must resist
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