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Anyone have a pic of well-worn cigar jumpers or cigar tankers? Those beater indys look great btw
So just to clarify, it appears that Horween's chamois and reverse chamois are both an oiled nubuck (top grain cowhide), and not genuine chamois (goat), is this correct? And I read here that Nick said to use neatsfoot oil on it for the smooth chamois... I'm assuming the same oil can be used on reverse chamois?
Aberdeen last
Yes this jumper is what I was referring to... or cigar tanker
When was the last run on any cigar jumpers or tankers?
They don't get released very often. My advice would be to carefully peruse the first post in this thread to find links to affiliates and vendors, and then just start calling them one by one (yes, seriously).
So is there any difference in terms of durability and care between reverse and smooth chamois?
Not a big fan of that Brixton but I can see why others may like it. I tried getting the reverse chamois tanker from Unionmade but they mistakenly listed my size available when there wasn't one in stock! So instead I have the following on the way: They are a tobacco in color I think this photo really misrepresents that
Wow those look brand new. Someone bought them and just had them in the closet or what?
Repost in the new thread: Does anyone have an opinion on the durability of the reverse chamois? I am looking for a legitimate workboot that can handle the occasional bit of grease, oil, and would stand up over the course of several years. What can I apply to it for protection? I'd be primarily using these boots inside; not looking necessarily for a cold or wet weather boot. Just serious durability. How about this from UM:...
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