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Very enjoyable show to watch due to the writing imo... I think the acting is quite good as well. I'm a bit doubtful about where the plot can go from here... ultimately I think frank ends up dead or imprisoned from the murders catching up to him
What causes homes to look like crap online compared to homes that have an "hd" appearance in terms of quality? Is it the host site where realtor.com and zillow pull from that causes it? I am asking because my realtor took photos of my home, they look fine on camera, but online they look like pure shit
Okay so to be blunt, did Rust reference a higher power at the end and obliquely quote Genesis 1?
No it's been quite some time since I last contacted him, at least a year
memorable resurrection of the thread
I got it from Smart Furniture online. The piece is from a vendor based in Canada, although it is made overseas. I got the discount by calling Smart Furniture directly and negotiating on a price I wanted.
Was Foo's suit successful? The one that alleged negligent handling of stone surfaces which proximately caused emotional distress.. I heard the jury came back with a hefty compensatory figure, but that the defendant is countersuing because Foo let his Dictator candle burn too long, which caused a rather large drop of wax to fall on the floor, which led to a 24-hr scrubbathon, resulting in a smooth but hard to see 3-inch area the white glove guy took a rather nasty fall on,...
I went with this one:Not perfect for my standards, but got a sizable discount and it does the job.
Yeah doesn't work so well for large pots and pans
Any suggestions for a dish drying rack that would compliment the look and feel of this kitchen?
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