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Leffot already made this the only diff would be the last
Yes a punch cap:
I will bite.Reverse Tobacco Chamois jumper boots, no pull tabs on the back of the heel, commando soles with antique 360 welt. Brass eyelets but I am Indifferent to speedhooks vs all eyelets.trubalance or grant last, either would be cool imoAlso, if there was a slightly lighter shade of reverse chamois other than tobacco, that would also be awesome... something like snuff in tone would rock
I've used a Titleist 983 since I first got out of college... still love it, and can't imagine trading it for a newer club
Used to have a couple pairs in #8 but it never grew on me so I sold em off to a new home
Psa if you didn't already know, Epaulet had quite a few makeups on sale including black shell alt wiens... many sizes... I must resist
Just curious but how does their backlog/waitlist process work for the rare shell runs? Do they go by any particular system to decide which vendor gets what color, or is it simply by the order date?
Cigar jumpers on the trubalance last, antique edge with commando soles, no heel tabs, (indifferent to speed hooks)Yes, I dream
Anyone have a pic of well-worn cigar jumpers or cigar tankers? Those beater indys look great btw
So just to clarify, it appears that Horween's chamois and reverse chamois are both an oiled nubuck (top grain cowhide), and not genuine chamois (goat), is this correct? And I read here that Nick said to use neatsfoot oil on it for the smooth chamois... I'm assuming the same oil can be used on reverse chamois?
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