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Got my pair a couple days ago and finally got the time to snap some pics. Thanks to Berserker, jeanetic and a couple others for sizing/ordering advice. Original Picture--> Got all buttons and clasp easy. I'm just worried in the long run since I always hit the gym every summer and get bigger. What do ya'll think?
My new pair of 710's. Brb in 2 years...
My poor photoshop attempt for class.
I don't post much here.
Thanks guys. I went TTS and they've been hemmed to a 36 before soaking so they're probably a 34 by now.
Got size 30's. Pre Post- Ignore the house slippers
My 710's arrived yesterday. Sized up 1 or .5 Pre-Soak: Hottest tap water. Post-Soak: Didn't shrink as much as I wanted em too so I soaked again and machine dried. Shrank like crazy and now the fit is perfect. They look real slim in these pics because I wore them damp.
Do you still have the Gloverall Duffle Coat for sale?
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