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It depends a bit on the climate where you live. Assuming you get rain and snow in the winter, and you'll start this autumn, I'd suggest you start with rubber soled shoes. In my opinion, a good starter wardrobe would be something like: 3 lighter colored leather soled shoes for spring/summer 1 pair of black oxfords for formal wear 2 rubber soled shoes for spring/autumn 2 rubber soled boots for autumn/winter ...something like that.
Sorry for the thread necro, but I felt it was unnecessary to create a new topic about this. I was interested in the C&J Hallam on a rubber sole, but hearing that "cavalry calf" actually is corrected grain I hesitate a bit. Does anyone know why they use CG in the rubber soled version of Hallam? Is it somehow more suited for wet weather than regular calf leather? I notice that they tend to not use regular calf in their rubber soled shoes; maybe there's a reason for it?
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday I have all my clothes burned after I wear them once, not because of germs but because that's what big-timers do.
I enjoyed those. Thanks for sharing!
What shoes are those, Vox? They look great.
Great article!
I purchased two pairs of chinos a few days ago. The fit was great, but they're way too long, so I bought them with the intention of having them shortened to the perfect length. But then it occured to me - what is the perfect length for chinos? For dress pants, I know the general rule of thumb is for the pants to break on the shoes and the back of the trousers should slightly touch the heel of the shoe, or end just above it. But when it comes to more casual pants like...
Congratulations, foof!
Funny that you should post this now. I ordered a colour chart from Avel's French distributor just last night, since I was just as confused about their colour sortiment as you. http://www.valmour.fr/cleaning-produ...uedenubuck,335 I'll let you know if it's any useful.
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