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I purchased two pairs of chinos a few days ago. The fit was great, but they're way too long, so I bought them with the intention of having them shortened to the perfect length. But then it occured to me - what is the perfect length for chinos? For dress pants, I know the general rule of thumb is for the pants to break on the shoes and the back of the trousers should slightly touch the heel of the shoe, or end just above it. But when it comes to more casual pants like...
Congratulations, foof!
Funny that you should post this now. I ordered a colour chart from Avel's French distributor just last night, since I was just as confused about their colour sortiment as you.,335 I'll let you know if it's any useful.
Crumpled newspaper will do a better job if they're really wet and you're only interested in absorbing moist.
Quote: Originally Posted by AB01 Though there seems to be some consensus here that it's the socks that cause the feet to sweat.
Your feet produce about 1 dl of sweat every day. Without socks to absorb it, the salt in your sweat will drain the leather of tannic acids, making it brittle and fragile over time. The extra moist also hurts your shoe from the inside. Use socks.
I think this works nicely.
Quote: Originally Posted by TylerDurden What a bunch of shit. I just checked out a review of windows 7. It looks like Mac OSX back in 2005. Its sad how Microsoft shits in a box and molds it to looks like Apple's OSX, and sells it to people trying to pass it off as a ruby. I think we just went up a notch.
Quote: Originally Posted by bsherman100 1) The leather is incredible will they last, how to I care for them ??? Suede should be sprayed regularly to protect against water and stains. Your local cobbler should sell some form of aerosol suede and nubuck protector. Should they get stained, use a suede brush to gently brush it out. Get a proper brass brush, not plastic. If you get stains that won't be removed by brushing, use a suede soap and...
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