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Marcoliani only has one size. I'm hesitant to buy them because of that. Does anyone know how well they would fit on a size 7.5 UK?
Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Yes, but they aren't quite that 'dark' in person. Still quite nice, just a little different brown. Lovely. I ordered a pair in chestnut just the other day. Can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Boots currently in rotation: Is that the craftsman in chestnut on the left?
I'm sure there was a thread about the awesomeness of J Lindeberg polos here a while ago, but I can't find it.
I think it would look like you didn't have a clean button cuff shirt to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria "I appreciated the fact that the judge was a woman, but I really would not call her attractive. Her chin was too sharp. Several of the women on the jury had bangs, so I refused to address them. "After the first fifteen minutes, I decided to end my representation of my 'client' because he was wearing pants without pleats. I did not tell him directly, but I did post my decision on my blog, to which I had given...
You need some proper loafers.
It rubs the lotion on its skin, then it puts the lotion in the basket.
Khakis are usually a summer collection item in Swedish stores, so it may be difficult to find now that they replaced it with the autumn collection. Have you had a look around department stores NK (Hamngatan) and Ã…hlens (Drottninggatan)? They are likely to carry some still.
Quote: So how do you afford it as a student? I'm all about quality over quantity. I went to Columbia for free, on a basketball scholarship. And I had an eBay business for a while, selling and buying clothes. I just save and splurge. I have a running list of things I want. What an interesting paraphrase of "Daddy's paying".
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