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Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves What kind of lawyer is Foof?
Try this SF approved look.
Can't believe I missed this thread. Well done, foof!
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 They should fit you pretty well. I'm a size 8.5 UK and they are good for me. Great, I'll have to try out a pair then. I've had my eye on some of your scarves anyway.
Marcoliani only has one size. I'm hesitant to buy them because of that. Does anyone know how well they would fit on a size 7.5 UK?
Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Yes, but they aren't quite that 'dark' in person. Still quite nice, just a little different brown. Lovely. I ordered a pair in chestnut just the other day. Can't wait.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrick_b Boots currently in rotation: Is that the craftsman in chestnut on the left?
I'm sure there was a thread about the awesomeness of J Lindeberg polos here a while ago, but I can't find it.
I think it would look like you didn't have a clean button cuff shirt to wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria "I appreciated the fact that the judge was a woman, but I really would not call her attractive. Her chin was too sharp. Several of the women on the jury had bangs, so I refused to address them. "After the first fifteen minutes, I decided to end my representation of my 'client' because he was wearing pants without pleats. I did not tell him directly, but I did post my decision on my blog, to which I had given...
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