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I've just received my first pair of RMW a few days ago, and I'm already browsing bootsonline planning to order another pair. My wallet hates you, Styleforum.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Yes though it contains mink oil I think which worries me... I used it - seems like a good product. It doesn't darken the leather, at least not from what I can tell. Pleasant smell and seemingly good leather care. The oil may make the leather more likely to attract dust, but since these will winter boots, the extra water proofing makes it worth it to me.
It took two months for my order to arrive. I sent them 3 mails and a PM here to find out what was causing the delay with no response. Eventually they replied to one of them, but only after I posted about it publicly in one of their threads on this board. Not ordering from them again.
Quick question - how do you use the saddle dressing? Just rub it in and buff with piece of cloth?
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf Man, how do you guys know all this of the bat. Impressive. We google "johnny depp glasses" and click the first result that comes up.
If you expect to use them outdoors and know you wear down the toes of your shoes quickly, then yes. It's not like they're visible to anyone except the guy you're kicking in the face. And tuxedo brawls are only common in Ohio anyway.
Khaki pants + black shoes is mid-level IT manager in my mind.
Epic thread incoming.
No. They're a Swedish brand pretending to be Italian, selling semi-decent shoes at terribly inflated prices.
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