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Post pics.
Quote: Originally Posted by jays978 I can't seem to find the Renavottor~ at Franco's? Is it the same as the Reptile Cleaner? No, this is the stuff:,47 I can't see it anywhere at Francos.
What's the question here?
But how do you wear them? Burgundy, I could imagine, but the bright red... I just can't see it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Baby Pink i am surprised by the comments on this forum. i would have thought members here would be more open minded Perhaps you should review your original post again: Quote: Originally Posted by Baby Pink Will this bag make me look gay? Cause I'm not. I'm really really not. Look, I have a wife and kids, I can't possibly be gay, right? I'm really worried this may make me look gay. I'm afraid to...
Quote: Originally Posted by DrPat The flat heel provides absolutely no traction in the snow and the front isn't much better since the rubber has very small bumps. Think about that if you are going to be in a snowy environment. They do not slip in the rain or on polished floors (like leather soles would). The Lachlan, with the treaded rubber sole, may be a better choice if you'll be walking on snow or ice. I also believe you can get the...
What will SF be without RLPL!?
Quote: Originally Posted by Taken Aback For another brand than a pair you own in your size, a hell of a risk. I find it easiest to just mail the store in question and ask for their advice about fit. They tend to have a good idea of how their shoes fit in comparison with other brands and are usually happy to help. Also, I wouldn't go as far as talking about "risk", unless the store has a no returns-policy. But you should never buy from a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Florian Gray Hope to hear someone defend my growing boot collection! You shouldn't have to defend anything. "I like boots" is reason enough.
Accessories are key here.
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