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Quote: Originally Posted by Ahab OK, I am interested in picking up some Saphir Renovateur which contains mink oil. I have only read excellent comments on this. Is the consensus on monk oil a no? It would be used for dress shoes and I was thinking even cordovan. Look, mink oil won't hurt your shoe. It's just that it gives it a somewhat sticky surface that attracts dust, which isn't what you want on fine dress shoes. Renovateur contains some...
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard obviously I was trying to be colloquial and not textbook clinical. Obviously.
Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard You realize that wax is a type of fat, right? Oil, wax, and fat are all variations on the same thing (lipids). So, by your logic, we also shouldn't use wax polish on our shoes. No, wax isn't a type of fat. Fats are lipids, but that doesn't make all lipids fats. Chickens are birds, hence all birds are chickens, eh? Yes, I am aware most shoe care products contain some amount of fats, Mr. high...
Oh, I plan on visiting both the arena chapel and Venice, trust me! But I was hoping to get some shopping done in Padua as well.
Does anyone know their way around Padua, Italy? I'm going there for a short vacation and I'm hoping to do some shopping while there. I'm mainly looking for Italian shoes, leather bags, maybe a sports coat and a shirt or two if I find something I like. But where would I go? What stores are worth visiting, and where are they located? Any help is greatly appreciated!
I have the drummond in suede. I love it.
This thread is awesome on so many levels.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent You guys do realize what kind of people constitute the majority of the grunts in the military right? Doubt most of them are too comfortable with buddying up with the gheys in the barracks. I wonder where civil rights would be today in America if the supreme court had ruled in Brown v Board that "we doubt those white kids are comfortable buddying up with the black kids at school".
Great choices, MoK. Thanks!
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