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Those brogues look amazing. I'm so jealous.
Quote: Originally Posted by EViS Thanks for the replies so far guys. Thus, if the leather is not 'top of the line', what is the best way to look after it? Everything I have read on the web says not to use ANYTHING on it and merely wipe them with a cloth after every use... Is this right? Hence, lee_44106 I'm worried about applying any form of polish or wax onto the surface... This is definitely not true. Leather should be treated with shoe...
Exactly what I wanted to hear! Thanks for the replies everyone, you've been a great help!
Lining is full leather. They're a pair of Church's Salisbury: (Don't hurt me for buying Prada! ) I'm wearing thin cotton socks. There's no heel slippage when walk I like I normally do. Slight slippage (as in, the heel lifts from the insole) when I walk putting more weight on the toes, like when you walk up stairs.
Long time lurker, first time poster here. Hi everyone! I'm hoping someone can have patience with a question from a sartorially challenged. *clears throat* I recently ordered a pair of penny loafers, and finally got them today. Thing is, I've never owned a pair of good loafers before (yes, yes I know), so I'm unsure how they are supposed to fit. The length is good, I definitely can't go down in size or my toes will hurt. And they feel very comfortable standing and...
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