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+1 on the linen hat. Though a panama hat is really the perfect warm weather hat, if you can pull it off (most people can't).
I'm trying to find a a pair of brown balmoral brogues in the lower price range with some form of rubber sole. Basically, what I need is a pair of shoes that I can wear on rainy days without worrying about ruining them. These caught my attention: http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/produc...electedFitID=0 Soles aren't completely rubber, but I'm thinking the insert and rubber heels will be sufficient protection against moist. They're from the "Comfort" range though, which...
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow any advice on getting it out if you make the mistake of putting it on dress shoes? A glycerine based leather soap will do nicely. Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth I have used mink oil judiciously on many of my dress shoes for more than 6 years. I later switched, in the last 3 years, to Saphir Renovateur which also contains mink oil and have not seen any of the negative effects....
Oil and fat attracts dust. Use it on walking/country boots, not on dress shoes.
Wearing layers is the key to staying warm, and it also allows for flexibility. Outer layer should be windproof. For reference, I survive the Stockholm winter wearing something along the lines of a wool overcoat, thin wool sweater, shirt, and t-shirt under the shirt. I don't think NY in december is colder.
Quote: Originally Posted by backboard60 why a wife beater A netted wife beater is actually an amazing garment. It cools when you're hot and warms when you're cold. I wear one frequently when I can get away with it not showing, like paired with a slipover or a less see-through shirt.
I think a plain cap toe shoe in brown calf looks best with denim. I find the glossy surface complements the texture of the cloth better than suede.
Does anyone know of an online store that sells Hackett clothing and ships worldwide? Their own online shop seems to ship to the UK only. I like their stuff, but the only store that sells Hackett here in Stockholm is a bit overpriced. Trying to find better deals elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by furo Big Hint: If you are dressing better on a regular basis than your immediate boss, you better be the best damn employee he's got. This. It's very easy to become "that guy who thinks he's better than the rest of us" by dressing too well. Sadly.
Those brogues look amazing. I'm so jealous.
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