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Quote: Originally Posted by Shoe City Thinker I ordered a pair of The Parade and The Oxford. Initially I did not indicated what colours I wanted and an e-mail was sent asking for those colors. I replied with the colors and questions about fit three weeks ago. Last week I e-mail CJ to give me a status report on my order. No reply. I chalked it up to the holiday rush and staff being out for holiday. Today I e-mailed again for a status update. No reply from...
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol You're colorblind, so you shouldn't make a wardrobe full of patterns and crap you have to match. Most non-colorblind people can't even do this. You can mix it up with interesting textures, like wool ties in winter, linen ties and shirts in summer, flannel vs smooth finished pants/suits. This is so much more subtle and classy than the neon paisley, fancy stripe whatever shit so many 'stylish' people like to...
Did you let them dry thoroughly before applying polish?
Good wool socks are cooler than any cotton sock.
Just call them and ask what the appropriate clothes would be. I don't understand why people are so afraid to do this. Or ask your friend what he will be wearing and wear something similar.
From a value for money perspective, neither Loake nor AS come even close to RMW. I'd say the RMW is the better looking of the three as well.
Thanks for the info, everyone (and especially Roikins for posting pics)!
Quote: Originally Posted by AndrewRogers That's this guy! Eat your heart out, Trump. What I love about this picture is that you can see he actually combed his hair to look that way.
Quote: Originally Posted by triniboy27 I have this boot and it's essentially leather. It polishes up well. Okay, thanks! May I ask how they have aged so far? Any excessive creasing compared to regular calf leather?
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