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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson My diet the last few months has been mainly protein. Try this instead.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dw3610wm This guy commits two style forum sins (Black shirt and Black Suit) and bangs Angelina Jolie; Yeah, but that guy could wear a clownsuit and still get any girl he wants. I think black shirts look a bit tacky. People with darker skin can wear them, but very few manage to pull it off.
I own both the Hallam and Connaught in 7.5E. Fit is about the same for both. The Hallam is possibly a bit more narrow in the toe area, but not by much.
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi hate is a strong word for a method of tying a strip of silk that goes around your neck That made me laugh uncontrollably for some reason. Thank you.
Buy a pair of good leather shoes and get some of those comfort insoles.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria I'm pretty much attuned to riding the Earth once around the Sun for each order. - B You uhm... travel around the world for a year each time you order a suit? What a delightful way to celebrate, albeit time consuming.
Quote: Originally Posted by comrade To cut through all of this pseudo-fashionista bullshit, here's some pseudo-scientific bullshit: ... Well, I'm convinced.
Quote: Originally Posted by nycwallst 1) Use cream, wax or a combo? 2) Go for a dull, mid or high shine? 3) Get Vibram soles? 4) Get taps? Any significant reasons that impact your preferences would be appreciated! Thanks! 1) Cream, but cream + wax on "wet weather shoes". 2) Mid, I guess. 3) No, I prefer to buy shoes pre-fitted with dainite soles for use on wet days. 4) Yes, metal toe taps on shoes with leather soles.
Quote: Originally Posted by upnorth The D width on BB translates to E width in C&J (UK standard). They have been re-labelled for the US market. Thanks!
Does anyone know what their D width translates to in "ordinary" C&J width? They seem to only carry that width, but I don't think I've ever seen C&J in D width...
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