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The story is very true.
My wife was at work and my son was in the other room.
So I add a lot of people I went to high school with on face book. I added one girl months back that was 2 grades behind me. She was attractive and an athlete. I don't ever remember talking to her but we knew each other by name. She has been going through a lot lately with family issues and has been posting about it. I as well as others have commented to encourage her to stay strong. She sent me a message the other day just to say hi and gave me her number and I gave her...
I am new to the game and a level 23. I just bought the claymore and started using it. Is it worth it?
I am detroitgamerguy on both consoles. Add me.
Both versions of COD Black Ops is full of campers.
I feel like i have to have all 3 due tot he fact there are games I have to play for each system. I am going to trade Killzone 3 for Black ops I think. I will let you know how I like it.
I am finally picking up a PS3 tomorrow. I am getting the Killzone 3 bundle. I have a Wii and 360 so this will be new to me. I am excited about the Blueray player being on it. What do you like and dislike about PS3? Any tips or ideas on good games? I hear everyone complaining that the online play is crap. Is that true?
Anyone going to get the new Duke Nukem?
Grant Hill was better than anyone in the Fab 5. Too bad his career was hurt by all those injuries. He made 7 All Star teams in a row when he played for the Pistons and won a NCAA championship as well.
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