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Exactly as above, and I'm a 6.5UK in the 337 and based on info both from here and others I've gone 40 EU which is supposed to equate to UK 6.5. I suppose its a 50:50 it either will or wont !!!
Your so right but heres hoping i got it right ......."7:22 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery LEEDS GB"
Just awaiting delivery tomorrow of my first pair after taking the plunge on sizing :-( UK6.5 US7 EU40 Heres hoping with fingers crossed.........
+100 That bloke sure has taste !!
Fantastic vintage shoes !! Always makes me wonder how after all these years a pair of shoes like that are still brand new ???????? what gives ???
Have you tried either Shoehealer or A Fine Pair of Shoes?? I have had no problem going through ShoeHealer for a MTO to Handgrade spec of an Exclusive model and am just awaiting delivery anyday now. Spoke to Chay direct as well regarding these and another commission that i'll be having made.
Factory seconds looks like !
That would be good !!
Good luck with that my friend !! BMW have tried that and many Major chemical companies (we're talking bulti billion global companies who have patented process's and products here) have tried that and in one case the actual Chinese Govt bought the Chinese company and the whole litigation went away !! I would suspect, with the greatest of respect my friend, that they couldnt give a flying f**k about a $100 watch and would tell you to shove your litigation up your ass !! But...
Pics or it didnt happen !!!!
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