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You'll have to explain that one Christian?? Hows having my man boobs enlarged gonna help????
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] He gets that and all i get is ..............Someones cottoned on to my obsession.....
They're fantastic albeit a full size too big !!! Would they work with newspaper stuffed up the toe????
They came !! They've been worn and they fit !!!!!!!!!
Will do !Thats right !
Exactly as above, and I'm a 6.5UK in the 337 and based on info both from here and others I've gone 40 EU which is supposed to equate to UK 6.5. I suppose its a 50:50 it either will or wont !!!
Your so right but heres hoping i got it right ......."7:22 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery LEEDS GB"
Just awaiting delivery tomorrow of my first pair after taking the plunge on sizing :-( UK6.5 US7 EU40 Heres hoping with fingers crossed.........
+100 That bloke sure has taste !!
Fantastic vintage shoes !! Always makes me wonder how after all these years a pair of shoes like that are still brand new ???????? what gives ???
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