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AS MTO Handgrade Hunt in Chestnut Antique on the 48 Last Via ShoeHealer Personally final finished by Chay Cooper of Alfred Sargent Thanks Guys
You'll have to explain that one Christian?? Hows having my man boobs enlarged gonna help????
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] He gets that and all i get is ..............Someones cottoned on to my obsession.....
They're fantastic albeit a full size too big !!! Would they work with newspaper stuffed up the toe????
They came !! They've been worn and they fit !!!!!!!!!
Will do !Thats right !
Exactly as above, and I'm a 6.5UK in the 337 and based on info both from here and others I've gone 40 EU which is supposed to equate to UK 6.5. I suppose its a 50:50 it either will or wont !!!
Your so right but heres hoping i got it right ......."7:22 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery LEEDS GB"
Just awaiting delivery tomorrow of my first pair after taking the plunge on sizing :-( UK6.5 US7 EU40 Heres hoping with fingers crossed.........
+100 That bloke sure has taste !!
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