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Interesting background via Claymoor.......
Proper nailing it recently !!!
PM sent
Very much so !! I got advised anything from 39 to 41.5 and just went with my gut UK6.5 EU40 and it worked out so I'm pleased and now know for future purchases.
Thats exactly the result we're hoping for in discussions with Chay and Richard from Shoehealer. If i'm not mistaken both leathers to be used are new additions for AS too so should be quite exciting. The model will be based roughly on the Keats from the exclusive range but again on the 48 last.
Chay finished these personally himself over Xmas for me and delivered them too !!! A real gent and he did a great job i think. I placed another order for a make up of Dark Brown Calf and Pin Grain Dark Brown spectator (ish) !! Pics to follow..................
[[SPOILER]] Stunning!Thanks Cali If its possible they're even better than the pics !!
And we're back on track and thread .........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Inverness Dark Oak
Yup chuffed to bits with them
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