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Had a couple messages off Chay... seemingly the cats out the bag now.....check out..........http://www.styleforum.net/t/352357/wildsmith-shoe-brand-resurrected/0_30
Oh dear..............
Anybody throw any light on why Chay Cooper has left AS? And more important has he turned up anywhere ? Cant seem to get to the bottom of it and would love to contact him! True gent and all round good egg !!
To be fair its those and maybe the next to appear which are a pair of subtle spectators in dark oak calf and dark oak pin grain !!Just a real shame Chay has left AS !! A real gent and dont know if i'll have any more made :-(Quick edit most worn are a pair of AS Mendip Chukkas in Dk Brown Grain real beaters and my go to weekend knockabouts still as nice as the day they were bought !!!
AS Hunt on the "soft square" last rather than the "pointy!"
They def arent tight, just had them not tightened up on the first couple wearings !! They are now one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have !!
I dont think any more pictures from above will be any different to that which I posted, but here's one of them being wornThey def aren't the REY as that very slim last just doesn't fit my feet, notice how much wider the BEN last is in the last comparison picture posted a few posts back!!
Austerity Brogue on the Ben Last.....
You having these made up ?? Your an animal !!!!!!!
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