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AS Hunt on the "soft square" last rather than the "pointy!"
They def arent tight, just had them not tightened up on the first couple wearings !! They are now one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I have !!
I dont think any more pictures from above will be any different to that which I posted, but here's one of them being wornThey def aren't the REY as that very slim last just doesn't fit my feet, notice how much wider the BEN last is in the last comparison picture posted a few posts back!!
Austerity Brogue on the Ben Last.....
You having these made up ?? Your an animal !!!!!!!
Interesting background via Claymoor....... http://claymoor.blogspot.com.es/2013/01/pepe-albaladejo-meermin-new-rey-last-is.html
Proper nailing it recently !!!
PM sent
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