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As they do on their Handgrade line...
+1 Never quite got what all the fuss was about with these, tried some on and they just looked very plain
Cheaney, I'd go for out of the list you've presented. Try having a look over at either Herrings or ShoeHealer for either Cheaney or Cheaney For Herrings range. Richard @Shoehealer is always prepared to help and will no doubt suggest something at a very good price too.
Just a heads up for those who like/want to protect your suede shoes and boots, my son bought some suede protect for his suede training shoes and the stuff below really works!! Try staining with all sorts of liquids and it just wasn't having it !! Everything just rolled off from wine to olive oil !!!!! http://crepprotect.com/ As an aside I have no links whatsoever to the company, I'm merely someone using the product with excellent results !!
Class !! So want those in Dark Oak Antique .............
337 then 341 then 363 and just cant get away with the 348 !! Tried numerous styles on the 348 and it just doesn't look right on me, too long and pointy !!
Edward Green Banbury FTW
Does anyone have real life pics of the Ben last? I know semi square toes aren't in, but I think it might look good for a more casual blucher.
@ Ozzy I wasn't having a go by any means. I was merely pointing out that, having been a manufacturer myself and provider of a service, that best results are often achieved by contacting the manufacturer in the first instance as heaven knows we all make mistakes, i'm pleased you did so. I am not making excuses for Meermin in any shape or form as some of their work, for whatever reason discussed at length in this thread, is truly poor. I hazard an educated guess however...
Just to put a little balance back to the thread which rapidly feels like its becoming a public stoning.... i have all levels of Meermin shoes including MTO (not group personal) and havent had one single issue be it communication execution or delivery and am more than happy with the outcome along with many friends I have both here and those who have bought on my recommendation but dont frequent this site. I understand that some may have issues with Meermin and I strongly...
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