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They look much better in real than pics, I'm more than impressed. I never try to compare makers until I have purchased a pair to compare, these def compare very favourably to C & J Handgrades with respect to both workmanship, leather and finishing. These will not be my last pair of Carmina's!!!
Just received my first Carmina's as above. Very impressed, good fit and complimentary comments already !!!!
Looking good , just waiting for mine to arrive !! Sale purchase !!
+1 I have the Belgraves in calf and am so tempted by the Polo Suede !!
^^^ Have those exact same boots and have had for some time now, been through all weathers and all conditions and quick polish and they are as good as new! You wont be disappointed Wear in good health !
+1 Once they've been worn that'll disappear very quickly anyways ! Move on .......
MTO Austerity Brogue on the Ben Last
Those are fabulous ! As above who what where how much ??
+1 Still some top blokes out there !!
Something like this ?? http://www.ctshirts.co.uk/men's-outerwear/men's-coats/Camel-slim-fit-Epsom-coat?q=gbpdefault||oc065cam||||||||||||| or this ?? (Use SAV55 to get 55% off) Johnstons Of Elgin http://www.brooktaverner.co.uk/outerwear/overcoats/9670.html
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