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+1 Damp cloth, allow to dry , polish if necessary good to go !!
RogerP You just cant help yourself !! I , too, am glad of Ron Nick & Justin's contributions just not yours. They don't need defending nor encouraging and its not their views WE find boring my friend its YOURS !! Why do you class yourself with "them" (Ron Justin Nick) ?? They are respected here and WE will listen and interact with them as we see fit, its you who has nothing to offer !! I am no mewling sycophant and wish to join no party, I'm merely a voice who is sick to...
I, for one, am pleased that DFWII takes the time to enlighten us all sharing his experience and know how even though he is semi retired. I don't feel preached to in the slightest along with many others who have questioned him on various shoe making topics. Long may that continue, his and others valuable experience notably Bengal Chay et al is more than welcome.RogerP .... As others have alluded to your story is now very very tedious!! Your contribution here and in other...
Hi mate, been dipping in now an again just been busy....Oh so you drop a pic in just to pi** me off That's them tho and you look good in them my friend !!!
+1 Anyone willing to see if they have an Inverness Burgundy UK6.5 PM me ????
Jesus wept !! Italy look like England ........... 2 goals in just over 15 mins big ask !!!!!
Full of what we call bullshit !!To say they don't face each other regularly is plainly ridiculous as they all face each other in leagues within Europe (Champions League, Europa League , International Games etc etc) with players from all nations playing both together and against. The players in the national teams are generally the better players and they play in these inter nation leagues. Just have a look at the majority of the better players in this tournament and they...
I cant offer any real comparison advice, all I can say is that I have 2 Aquascutum suits Navy and Med grey and have no issues with the quality! One of the aspects I have noticed regarding the suits is that they seem to hold up very well after having been worn all day this being compared to Ralph Lauren both black and purple label of which I have a few suits. So much so that whenever I'm travelling I tend to use these as they hold up better and look nicer heading into...
They look much better in real than pics, I'm more than impressed. I never try to compare makers until I have purchased a pair to compare, these def compare very favourably to C & J Handgrades with respect to both workmanship, leather and finishing. These will not be my last pair of Carmina's!!!
Just received my first Carmina's as above. Very impressed, good fit and complimentary comments already !!!!
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