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As the title says any recommendations for a pair of Navy suede loafers with no tassels or strings just plain ?? Any on sale someone's come across??
Just bought the son a pair of Loake Thompson in the sale, delivered next day. Can't fault these guys !!!
Call the hotel ??
I don't think this experience is at all rare !! I think I may have written this before but I had a very similar experience. I went in one Saturday looking to buy a pair of Edward Green's in there and was basically treat ridiculously badly for what I would consider to be a "higher end" shoe shop. Suffice to say they didn't get my money and I haven't been back on the premises since. The welcome, attention and service I received whilst trying very hard to buy a pair of shoes...
I tried researching the RON last with little luck, I took a chance that the RON last would be as my HIRO lasted shoes and found them to be a very similar fit albeit they are a chiselled last rather than the rounded HIRO. So no sizing up or down from my normal size worked for me.Just as an aside I have a pair of RON lasted and BEN lasted shoes from Meermin and they both seem rather more "pointy" in real life than the pictures seem to suggest especially the comparative last... Cheaney FS029's !!
Anyone any idea how the RAM last fits in relation to the other Meermin Lasts in particular the Hiro & Ben lasts ??
Belgrave by a long long way!! One of my favourite and most commented on pair of shoes
I can understand using "vinegar" solution on glass shiny surfaces subjected to water like windows bathroom surfaces etc as the acid component in the vinegar cleans/reacts with the limescale and thus no streaky windows as that's what the acid is doing removing both the scale within the water and any other cleaning products that may have been used. But to use on leather shoes only subjected to water, road salt and other normal grime I'm afraid mine is a no thanks. Why would...
Cant see what the vinegar brings to the party to be honest ??!! Vinegar is generally 5% solution of Acetic Acid (Ethanoic Acid) so effectively your diluting it down to a 2.5% solution. The Ethanoic acid does not react with Rock Salt (Sodium Chloride plus impurities) other than slightly dissolving it ??!! Warm/hot water would be a far better solvent to the rock salt effectively therefore cleaning better!!Old wives tale ??? I stand to be corrected........
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