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I looking for some suggestion for some good quality shoes that work when you are wearing shorts open to suggestions only restrction is that they are not boat shoes
Any world tailor tours coming to Sydney anytime soon? Now that i think about that an online calender that displays all tailor tour dates for major cities would be handy
A few of the online tailors have a visiting tailor coming to sydney So I'm looking to choose between them Who I am currently looking at they are very inexpensive which raises the questions of cheap quality and service. Not sure when they are coming to Sydney but I'd like to know about them If there are any good places that have a visiting tailor which are coming to ...
Inexpensive Custom tailor made clothes from Vietnam or similar i'm starting up my own business so i need some serious professional clothes I wanted to get some custom suit anyway as the look and fit is stylish i can get them custom made here but thats pretty costly and the initial business establishment costs plus the first few months will not be nice financially I have come across some places online in places such as Vietnam and similar. While the...
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