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While maybe not "sf approved" it certainly is possible to find a suit that is "acceptable by sf standards" at a lower price point.
I'm shopping around for suits for my three groomsmen ... Does target still offer any wool suits? I have just seen the poly blends in store and on the site and am hoping that may just be bad luck with the site's search engine. What are some other not-too-pricey places to look for suits for those dudes? jc penny, stafford, etc
gq weighs in in 2002 and 2005 :
In my experience, cash is not considered a vulgar wedding gift if you're Asian.
Timely thread - I was actually up late last night looking at seiko divers. Let me give you some model numbers - SKX031 SKX007K SNZF17K1some vintage diver models that I know next to nothing about. The pricing is probably going to be over the 150-200 that you mentioned earlier :6309 diver from the 70'sor a 7002-700j divers watch..or a 7002 (black bezel)possibly a 6139 automatic 30 minute chronograph?
the city or its denizens?
It's good for a fast food burger, but certainly not transcendant.
I grew up with these but hold no particular longing for them. I really like split key ergo keyboards more than I do clicky keys. We had a dude in my office who bought one of these. He shared a workspace with a few other people and when he was let go, they took his keyboard and smashed it into a million pieces.
Dang it I was just there over the weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai I really could have done without the last photo. Was that hue of nail polish not SF approved?
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