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Gauging interest in two Indochino suits, one khaki cotton and one blue pinstripe. Fit about a 36R, a bit slimmer around the waist. Pants are tailored for no break on someone who is ~6'. 75 dollars + shipping.
No, not really. Mostly about his personality and career.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cant kill da Rooster Sounds a bit like Harry Rosen except for the age of the sales staff. How can they not understand fit? This seems to me integral to selling suits. Yes, fit is perhaps the most important quality a suit must possess; the general populace firstly does not know how clothes should fit, having been force-fed boxy garbage by mass market retailers, and secondly, prefers "comfort", which is a fanciful...
My father purchases his suits solely from Stollery's, and the quality is top notch. Just don't let the sales associates con you into buying a suit that's too large, they seem to not have the greatest eye for fit. And make use of their tailoring, it was complementary on my father's last visit, however he purchased four suits at once with a deal of shirts, so it may be different if less money is changing hands.
What he's (poorly) imitating:
I also do just want them period. I'm aware of the extra fees/risks involved with proxying.
RL won't ship to Canada and they're on sale. They're on sale and RL won't ship to me in Toronto.
I'm wondering if anyone knows how the Royal Mail tracking system works, and if they actually change the message when it's been shipped, rather than simply saying it's been passed to the Overseas department for delivery.
Anyone know where to purchase these online? I've checked the Alden site and they don't seem to have any double monks.
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