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I am a hard size to fit. I recently came upon a tux jacket on eBay that looks pretty great and will fit me. It does not, however, come with pants. Is it a fool's errand to buy this jacket and then hunt for pants that match? I recall seeing a post on Put This On about a guy that succeeded in this approach but I fear I would struggle to find a perfectly matching shade of black.
Has anyone had a bicycle jersey made? Obviously it would require the right fabric but it was the navy sport mesh that gave me the idea.
Your picture seems to represent that the new shirt is straight across the bottom-front, at least for a bit. In contrast, the Epaulet shirt maintains a constant curve across the bottom-front. Am I seeing this correctly and if so is it safe to assume you are still happy with the look when the Luxire shirt is on?
It depends on who you ask. Some people say they are terrible some people think they are serviceable. I am in the second camp and have been happy with the tie that I bought from them. Can't beat that price, either.
I don't understand this criticism, I am not even sure what I am looking for. Can you explain this a little bit more?
I have had one suit made by Indochino. Present in the suit was the collar gap problem outlined in Put This On. What changes can I make to my measurements, or what other instruction can I provide, in order to and avoid this problem when dealing with this or other online MTM providers?
If your tailor can't slim down a shirt, that is more than not good, that is full on incompetent. My guess is that if you take it in to them they will have no problem getting the job done. This is tailoring 101. Also, depending on how much you need it brought in, you don't necessarily need darts. I have had some pretty drastic changes to my shirts with just having the tailor bring it in at the side seams. I don't like darts.
I am looking for standard grey flannel pants. Around what weight should the fabric be? Ideally they would wear pretty warm as I live in the midwest.
Likely the worng place for this, but can someone tell me how to edit my "Ignore List" in the new format?
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbjorn Weak abdominal and back muscles. Potentially your bars are too low. My core was my problem. I just focused more on using my abs and back to hold myself, instead of leaning on the bars, and it made a world of difference. Next time you ride, take note of how much weight your are putting on your hands. If it is more than very little, you need to use your core more.
New Posts  All Forums: