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I encountered the same problem early last week.
Can one of you help me decipher the letters that Carmina uses to denote width? Is EE wider than E, or narrower? How does an E relate to the numbering system we use in the states?
Allen Edmonds has several styles come in narrow sizes.
FWIW I just searched for just "loro".Since you have purchased Linen from Luxire before would you have any advice as to whether you think this particular linen is heavy enough for a suit jacket?
Yup, these ones. I am trying to decide between a Linen suit or a new over coat.
The LP Linen is 5.7 oz. Is that heavy enough for a suit to be made from it? Luxire describes it as good for pants or jackets but it seems pretty light.
I am interested in some boxers.
@emptym and @lefty and anyone's else who has had a jacket made, for that matter. Did you send in a sample jacket for replication? What are the limitations on Luxire's capacity to replicate the "guts" of the jacket? Were you relegated to getting the jackets unstructured?
It is already a cheap jacket. It is a military style jacket I wear in the fall. Breathability isn't a concern, it isn't a sport coat although I would understand why my question was misleading. I just haven't ever had a waxed jacket before and I am concerned that without the buffer of a lining it will always feels greasy and get my shirts waxy. I would like to make it water repellent though.
Would it be a mistake to wax an unlined jacket? Will the wax bleed through and get all over whatever I am wearing?
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