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For those of you allowing for shrinkage, did you make your own adjustments to your measurements or did you just ask Luxire to add an allowance to account for shrinkage in laundry?
Probably not. I have received three orders from them. Each has taken roughly 6 weeks for delivery.
I somehow completely missed this. Thanks for pointing it out, I appreciate it.
Has anyone ordered a shirt for black tie? I am unclear as to whether I need to supply any special specifications. Frankly I could probably use advice on nearly all aspects since I have never before owned my own black tie rig. Obviously the shirt should be white, probably with turn back cuffs, but that is about all I know.
I have a pair of suede AEs where the suede has cracked, for lack of a better term, at the stress points on each shoe. Because of the crack I can see through to what I believe is the sock liner. I am going to take them to my shoe guy to see if he can fix them, but anyone have suggestions on how to avoid this problem in the future. This isn't my first pair of suede shoes, but it is the first time this has ever happened.
Thank you so much. I used Angelus dye. What am I looking for on the bottle that lets me know which solvent to use?Also, a little bit of color comes off each time they rubbed or used. Anyone have any suggestions on how to make them colorfast? Do I just need to give them more drying time? Will the waterproofing spray help the issue?
I just dyed a pair of suede shoes navy blue. I love the look but some of the dye got past the painter's tape that I put around the edge of the rubber sole and stained it in a couple places. I am afraid I already know the answer, but does anyone have any suggestions on cleaning the dye off of the rubber sole? Can I maybe sand it out?
How does one order a jacket? I received a quote on the price but I don't know how to go about paying for it through the ordering process.
Hopefully this is the right thread for this question. I just re-dyed some suede shoes. Any suggestions on how to keep the color from fainting rubbing off on things that contact the shoes?
Is 8 oz linen heavy enough to use in the making of an unstructured jacket? I won't have any padding or lining.
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